A letter to Matilda Mae | My Petit Canard

I hadn’t planned to write a letter to Matilda Mae. I hadn’t even really planned to visit your parents blog if I’m completely honest. Of course I’d seen all the letters from others over the last few days and weeks, but I didn’t want to delve too deeply. Because as a new parent, the whole … Read more

Breastfeeding: the first week | My Petit Canard

I couldn’t think of any other way to start the breastfeeding blog series, than to start off by sharing my own breastfeeding story. I’ve done this in two parts, firstly talking about the first week of breastfeeding, and secondly talking about the first six weeks (later in the series). I’ve picked these two points in … Read more

Bye bye January, Hello February! | My Petit Canard

It’s finally the end of January. The longest month ever (how many weeks to payday!). The most depressing month ever (for those who hate saying goodbye to Christmas). The most exciting month ever (for those who love saying hello to the new year). But the end of January also means the start of February, and … Read more

Co-Sleeping | My Petit Canard

I didn’t choose this co-sleeping arrangement. It chose me. After two long, tiring and uncomfortable weeks its seems to be heading in the direction of becoming permanent, although I still hold out a slither of hope that one day soon the little lady might return to her cot. There have been a few hopeful instances of … Read more

Children | My Petit Canard

As the days and weeks start to fly by I am only too conscious that my impending return to work is drawing near. I can feel it over my shoulder, like a shadow or a monkey on my back. Quietly reminding me that it’s getting closer and closer. Whilst I’m not dreading the return to … Read more