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Hi! Thanks for stopping by My Petit Canard. I’m so excited to meet you! Before you venture into my blog, here’s a bit about me and how My Petit Canard got started. My name is Emily (here’s a snap of me at my baby shower, about 6 weeks before baby arrived) and I’m a 29 … Read more

Working women | My Petit Canard

As I sat down at my desk this morning and settled into reading the post maternity coaching materials that popped into my inbox asking me to think of three women I know who are great role models, I realised something quite profound. I can’t name three role models. In fact, I can’t even name one. … Read more

Breastfeeding: your stories | My Petit Canard

Here is Amy’s breastfeeding story. You can find her over at Two Boys One Mum: When I was pregnant with Boy1 I was 100% sure I would breastfeed, exclusively, for a whole year. I was really looking forward to it, to the bonding, to knowing I was giving him the best start in life and … Read more

Breastfeeding: your stories | My Petit Canard

Here is Emily’s breastfeeding story. You can find her over at Tealady Mumbles: It has been nearly 3 weeks since I had Nancy and already a lot has happened that I want to blog about. The birth was a blog post all in itself, and I will write about that when I can bear to … Read more

My blogging new years resolutions | My Petit Canard

I jumped into blogging with both feet first sometime back in November. Literally. I didn’t do any research, I didn’t even check out any other blogs. I just decided one evening that I was finally going to start a blog, so signed up to WordPress, picked a theme that looked ok and off I went. … Read more

MAD Blog Awards | My Petit Canard

I have taken the plunge and decided to throw the blog into the mix for the MADs 2014 blog awards! Now, if you don’t know what these are (I didn’t until I entered the glorious world of blogging) they can pretty much be summed up as one of the biggest annual blog awards for parent … Read more

Love is so many things.. | My Petit Canard

A few days ago I wrote a post about what love is to me, which turned into a tag about what love is to others. I was nervous about starting my first tag on a bit of a whim, unsure of whether any one would actually join in or not. But to my surprise (and … Read more

Working Maman | My Petit Canard

So, the first day back to work after a much anticipated few months is over…and I have to say, I didn’t expect to enjoy it this much. I have been pleasantly surprised to discover that I can still hold a decent conversation, I can still have lunch with a friend without talking about all things … Read more

Im not broody, just nostalgic. | My Petit Canard

The strangest thing has happened. Whilst I have no desire to add to our little family any time soon, I miss being pregnant. I miss my bump. I know it probably sounds like im getting broody, but I promise you im not. I just miss the magic of it all. Each time I see another … Read more