A letter to Matilda Mae | My Petit Canard

I hadn’t planned to write a letter to Matilda Mae. I hadn’t even really planned to visit your parents blog if I’m completely honest. Of course I’d seen all the letters from others over the last few days and weeks, but I didn’t want to delve too deeply. Because as a new parent, the whole topic of SIDs scares me. The possibility that my little lady could be taken from me so suddenly is not one that I can even begin to think about. I refuse to consider the possibility, unable to imagine life without her. So I don’t. Because ignorance is bliss. But then curiosity got the better of me one day recently, and an open letter led me to the Edspire blog, and after reading your story I couldn’t not write. I couldn’t not show my support. I couldn’t not feel your family’s pain. I couldn’t not feel their sadness. I couldn’t not be moved. Because when I read your story, I of course thought of my own little girl and how my heart would have felt like it had been ripped from my chest if she were taken from me. Then I thought of your family and how brave they are. Because I’m sure if it were I in their situation I would have faded into the oblivion by now. I don’t think I would have the strength to carry on, let alone do all that they have done in your name and memory. So you see, I had to write. To let them know how brave and strong and inspiring they are. But also to let them know that their pain is our pain – the pain of a parent who cannot comprehend what it is like to lose a child.

My letter cant offer any real words of solace or meaning. My words are insignificant for a loss so great. But my letter can tell you at least that you touched my heart.