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There is a fine line between blogging to blog and blogging for the numbers. I pride myself and my blog on its bloginess and hopefully that comes across as authenticity. But how far can you count on that if no one is reading.

I don’t usually get carried away with the numbers. Yes of course its nice to see that more and more people are reading what you are writing, but it’s not what drives me, what drives these posts. As a new blogger I have the luxury of being able to blog about whatever comes into my head. I don’t have sponsors or reviews that I have to find a way to fit into my blog, I dont have any external influences to blog about anything other than what I want to blog about and that suits me and my blog just fine for the moment. I’m not saying that I wouldnt if the right opportunities came along, because why not open that door and see what’s behind it, Id love to see where this blog could take me. However you cant help but start to compare yourself against your peers and develop a bit of a fascination with the numbers when you stumble on open conversations between fellow bloggers on Twitter, and when its so easy to track how many people have viewed your blog at almost any one point in time. A series of all time low views of my blog over the weekend piqued my interest in this topic and got me questioning for the first time whether I have been doing enough to promote my blog.

You see, for those not in the know (I doubt that there are many of you) there is a whole world of extra curricula activities out there when it comes to promoting your blog besides the usual Twitter, Pinterest, Facebook and Google + and im not even signed up to all of those. Since I started blogging in November I have stumbled across guest blogging, SEO, linky parties, tags and the like, and I just find it all a little bit overwhelming. When I started my blog it was just becuase I wanted to blog. I wanted somewhere to ramble, and ponder and vent and talk as if no one was watching. So far that has been exactly what I have done. But Ive started to wonder how people will stumble across my blog when it is one of a gazillion blogs.

I dont want to get sucked in, I want to stay true to myself and my blog. But is it inevitable? Can you be a successful blogger by just blogging and blogging alone? Id love to hear from others on their thoughts and experiences as seasoned bloggers, new bloggers, or just observers of the whole blogging scene.

photo credit: Ethan Hein via photopin cc

I jumped into blogging with both feet first sometime back in November. Literally. I didn’t do any research, I didn’t even check out any other blogs. I just decided one evening that I was finally going to start a blog, so signed up to WordPress, picked a theme that looked ok and off I went. I didn’t mind that my blog looked like a shell of a blog, at first. But the more you get into it, the more you want to be able to be proud of the aesthetics as well as the content. So over the holidays I finally got round to making it look a bit more pretty, and a bit more user-friendly. It’s not what id call all singing and dancing, but it’s probably the best its going to get without a budget. So that’s the blog cracked. For now. But what good is a blog without very many readers? Of course I am hugely, hugely grateful for the readers I already have, and actually a little surprised that I have readers that are so interested in what im writing. I blog for the love of it. It will never be about the numbers. But I do blog in the hope that people will want to read what im writing, as im sure most bloggers do.

I stumbled on an article of blogging resolutions for 2014 when I was on Pinterest over the holidays, and although im not really into setting new years resolutions, I realised that this is just what My Petit Canard needs if im really going to the blog off the ground properly. So here’s my six blogging new years resolutions for 2014:

1. Buy my own domain name – I love blogging and I really want to make the blog look and feel a bit more professional. So the blog has had a bit of a revamp over the holidays, an email account has been set up and buying the domain name will be the icing on the cake. I also quite like the idea of business cards, but I think I’ll take it one step at a time!

2. Check out the blog analytics for My Petit Canard and understand what they mean – what days are the best days to post on, what do people like to read and anything else I can glean from those clever little stats that WordPress rustles up at the click of a button!

3. Learn the basics of SEO – not something that I’m particularly excited about but it does seem rather important in helping get the blog posts out there. Yawn.

4. Commit to a realistic blogging schedule – an ad hoc basis twice a week has worked pretty well for me so far, but Id like to step this up a gear if I can without making it start to feel like work.

5. Write a guest post for another blogger – not really sure about how to approach this one, but hopefully I’ll figure it out at some point throughout the year (any invites?).

6. Seek out guest posts for My Petit Canard – I really need to have a think about who, what and why I would have someone guest post on the blog. I have already come across loads of fabulous bloggers so I don’t think it will be too hard picking some. I would just hope that they would want to!

So there you have it, my blogging resolutions for 2014!

Are you setting any blogging new years resolutions or goals for 2014? If so I’d love to hear what they are. Similarly if you have any tips, or if you can help me achieve any of my resolutions then please get in touch!