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As the days and weeks start to fly by I am only too conscious that my impending return to work is drawing near. I can feel it over my shoulder, like a shadow or a monkey on my back. Quietly reminding me that it’s getting closer and closer. Whilst I’m not dreading the return to work, I can’t say I’m particularly excited about it. In a bid to psyche myself up, I’ve composed a list of the best things that I can think of about going back to work. Here’s ten reasons im looking forward to going back to work:

1. Having the time to actually think about and decide what to have for lunch rather than reaching for the quickest and/or easiest thing to make. Being able to actually taste what I’m eating rather than hoovering it up in record time will be an added bonus.

2. Having the commute to read a book, listen to music, have a nap, daydream or just generally wonder about things. Actually having some “free” time that isn’t filled by doing or thinking about something child or household related is a rather exciting prospect.

3. Getting to wear all my lovely work clothes and having an actual purpose to get dressed for is pretty exciting too. I might actually start thinking about what I wear again.

4. Going to the gym at work. A little ambitious perhaps, but I love the fact that I’ll have the option.

5. Getting my Friday nights back. Since being at home full time, I’ve lost a bit of that Friday night feeling. Fridays do mark the start of the weekend still, but not like they used to. Going back to work will definitely make me appreciate the weekends a bit more again.

6. Finally enjoying and finishing a nice, hot cup of tea. No more luke warm or half finished cups of tea for me!

7. Being able to un-pause. A number of our plans as a family are temporarily on hold until I return to work. So going back to work means that we can actually make a start on, or progress some of our exciting plans.

8. Not having to deal with nap time drama. I love spending time with my little lady. Absolutely love it. But when it comes to nap times, both of us tend to get a bit stressy. So in all honesty, it will be really nice not to have to deal with stressy nap times anymore.

9. It’ll be refreshing not to have to plan my days in 3/4 hour blocks anymore. If I want to skip or slack on breakfast, lunch or dinner I can. If I suddenly want to nip out for a hot drink or to do my banking, I can. Time will suddenly be mine again (sort of) for all nine hours of the working day.

10. Having a full second income again. No explanation needed!

So there you have it, ten “exciting” things to look forward to about going back to work. I have a feeling that I could probably find more exciting things about staying at home a bit longer but that probably defeats the point.

What were the things that you were, or are most excited about going back to work for? What would you add to this list?

photo credit: Simon & His Camera via photopin