Co-sleep | My Petit Canard

I didn’t choose this co-sleeping arrangement. It chose me. After two long, tiring and uncomfortable weeks its seems to be heading in the direction of becoming permanent, although I still hold out a slither of hope that one day soon the little lady might return to her cot. There have been a few hopeful instances of bedtimes in her cot, always to be followed by several instances back in our bed. But that said, I’ve come to slowly realise that there might actually be something to this co-sleeping thing. Because almost as soon as we’re in bed and all snuggled up, she drifts off to sleep without so much as a peep and easily sleeps through to the morning. Compare this to a night in her cot which usually calls for a feed, lullabies, a lot of crying (on her part), a lot of begging (on my part) and a lot of re-settling, and bed time is usually a pretty stressful event that can easily drag on for an hour or two. I could be more disciplined, I could try harder, longer, persevere, but co-sleeping just seems to make everything so much easier. But im scared that im making a rod for my own back, and I am at conflict with myself because co-sleeping is something that ive never believed in or really agreed with. I have always stoutly believed that children should sleep in their own beds. But as my daughter lays nestled in my chest and I stroke her hair whilst she holds my hand, I can’t deny that this is an arrangement that obviously makes her feel happy, content and secure. Yes, I would like her to sleep in her cot but I no longer feel right forcing her to sleep there when she obviously loves to sleep with Mummy and Daddy. Perhaps we moved her too soon from her moses basket in our room to her cot in the nursery. Maybe she senses that we are so much further away now. Maybe its too quiet without daddy’s snoring. Who knows. So for now we’re learning how to safely co-sleep as a family, and hopefully one day soon the little lady will be ready to return to her big girl bed. But right now, as I lay in bed with my daughter by my side I too feel happy, content and secure and I cant help but feel that life couldn’t be much than this moment.

I would love to hear other parents co-sleeping experiences. Did you always agree with co-sleeping? Did you plan to co-sleep or did you fall into it like we have? What advice do you have on safetly co-sleeping and transitioning children into their own cots/beds when the time is right?