Five things to do when baby sleeps | My Petit Canard

Since I went back to work three weeks ago it feels like I have literally had no free time. Because no sooner do I get home from work does the bath and bedtime routine begin, swiftly followed by dinner and unfortunately at the moment, more work. So whatever minuscule “free” time I previously had, has been completely obliterated. But whilst I am ridiculously tired most of the time, I am also very happy. So this isn’t a complaint, more of an explanation as to why my blogging presence has been so lacklustre of late. With that in mind, I have decided to start of a whole new series of short blog posts focused around “five things/reasons/tips/tricks” that will allow me to still blog with the very little time I have available at the moment.

So while I write this on my day off sitting on the sofa with the little lady snoozing on me, I find the inspiration for my first post in the series; five things to do when baby sleeps!

1. Paint your nails. A difficult feat for any parent, especially a new one. It must be timed precisely. Ideally at the start of what you anticipate to be a long nap. A bottle of seche vite, or equally super duper I can’t believe its dry already top coat is essential. As are your wits about you. Not to be attempted by the faint hearted.

2. Have a brew, and chuck a biscuit in while you’re at it. Because there’s nothing more annoying than the million and one cups of half or even a quarter drunk cups of lukewarm tea that you’ve consumed since becoming a parent. Theres always something standing in between you and your cuppa these days; a nappy, the washing, lunch.. So sit down and take a load off. Because you’re worth it.

3. Online RETAIL, I repeat, that’s retail, not food shopping. This time is not about maintaining the household, however tempting it may be, it’s about you! I must admit, I seem to do more browsing than actual shopping these days, but it’s almost as fun putting things into your basket before you close the tab. I mean, I actually impressed myself the other day when I recalled the exact shop that someone in the office had brought their dress from. I spend a lot of time online. Don’t judge me.

4. Go to the toilet. I’m not usually one to talk about my toilet habits, but after being reduced to sometimes going to the toilet whilst the little lady is in her bath makes me feel like this is worthy of a place on the top five things list. You know the saying that you don’t know what it’s got till it’s gone? Well I didn’t realise that applied to going to the toilet on your own until I became a parent.

5. Blog, read a blog, read a book, watch tv… Ok, so this ones a bit of a catch all, but whatever your thing is, do it. For me its blogging and reading blogs. Take some time out to catch up with whatever it is you like to do. Even if it’s just for five minutes. You’ll instantly feel a little bit more connected to the world and in a different head space.

And that’s about it folks! Because no sooner will you have you finished going to the toilet whilst your nails dry, will your little bundle of joy be conveniently rousing from their slumber. I don’t know how they do it, but their timing is always scarily impeccable. So heed my words people and be quick about it, because there is no time for dawdling!

photo credit: Leo Reynolds via photopin