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You learn a lot about love when you have a child. But you learn even more about love when you have a poorly child. Here’s a few things I’ve learnt over the last few months since becoming a mummy, and more recently when the little lady developed her first cold since she was a newborn. Love is:

1. Getting out of your cosy, comfy bed mid-dream at three in the morning to get vapour rub/calpol/change their nappy/milk/water (delete as appropriate!).

2. Letting your snot infested six month old inadvertently wipe their nose on your fresh from the dryer top.

3.Breastfeeding your snotty, dribbly, wet handed baby without as much as flinching. Then watching as a snot trail develops from their nose to your chest – lovely!

4. Picking bogeys and snot crust away from their nose so that not only can they can breathe better, but they look slightly more presentable than the snot monster your baby has suddenly become.

5. Sustaining pinches to the bosom and chest while feeding is run of the mill.

6. As is a morning wake up call of being hit in the face or kicked in the stomach by little hands and feet.

7. Letting them chew your Prada purse after conceding that they just don’t understand the phrase “we don’t chew Prada darling”.

8. Getting to 3pm and realising that a morsel of food hasn’t crossed your lips. Because it’s just one of THOSE days.

9. Spending 30 minutes washing, peeling, cutting, steaming and blending yummy fresh food for your little one, then chucking together something quickly for yourself later.

10. Wolfing down your food at the speed of light because someone wants to go to bed or have their nap. Right now.

I’m sure I could have a running list of things I could add to make this list a pretty long one, but these are the things that popped out of my head all of a sudden. Most probably because a few of them were happening as I wrote them.

I feel a bit nervous about starting a tag (what if no one joins in?!) but since Valentines day is around the corner, I thought it might be fun to start a “Love is..” tag and see if we can get a nice long list of what love is to different people. It can be serious, or fun, or a bit tongue in cheek. If anything it’ll be a bit of giggle for all of us mummy’s and daddy’s stuck at home with our littlies on Valentines day. At the end of it, if enough people join in I’ll create one long list of what love is to everyone that got involved!

You don’t have to be tagged in to join in, but Ill start by tagging a few lovelies in the hope that at least a few will join in and it’ll get the ball rolling: @EllieBearBabi @BloomingBoo @ChantelleVR @SingleMAhoy @tobygoesbananas @Teacher2Mummy @bttyandthebmps @notafrumpymum @AStayatHomeCEO @MeTheManAndBaby @TheSwan_Project @Mumstodolist @sandinmytoesTK @birdiebabygirl

All you have to do to join in is post your list on your blog, however long or short of what love is to you, tag a few other people in and blog/tweet it when you’re done. If you’d like me to add your list to the final combined list then don’t forget to add me into your tweet so I know you’ve done it. Lets spread the love!

photo credit: qthomasbower