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A few days ago I wrote a post about what love is to me, which turned into a tag about what love is to others. I was nervous about starting my first tag on a bit of a whim, unsure of whether any one would actually join in or not. But to my surprise (and delight) quite a few people did join in with their take on what love is. So since its Valentines Day, I thought Id combine all the tags into one big list of what love is on this most romantic of days. Here goes!

Love is:

1. Getting out of your cosy, comfy bed mid-dream at three in the morning to get vapour rub/calpol/change their nappy/milk/water (delete as appropriate!).

2. Letting your snot infested six month old inadvertently wipe their nose on your fresh from the dryer top.

3.Breastfeeding your snotty, dribbly, wet handed baby without as much as flinching. Then watching as a snot trail develops from their nose to your chest – lovely!

4. Picking bogeys and snot crust away from their nose so that not only can they can breathe better, but they look slightly more presentable than the snot monster your baby has suddenly become.

5. Sustaining pinches to the bosom and chest while feeding is run of the mill.

6. As is a morning wake up call of being hit in the face or kicked in the stomach by little hands and feet.

7. Letting them chew your Prada purse after conceding that they just don’t understand the phrase “we don’t chew Prada darling”.

8. Getting to 3pm and realising that a morsel of food hasn’t crossed your lips. Because it’s just one of THOSE days.

9. Spending 30 minutes washing, peeling, cutting, steaming and blending yummy fresh food for your little one, then chucking together something quickly for yourself later.

10. Wolfing down your food at the speed of light because someone wants to go to bed or have their nap. Right now.

11. Having to put a variety of footwear on wife’s feet upon request.  Her trainers definitely need an airing!

12.  Making sure cupboard is full of the wife’s required craving for this week.  Why can’t she just stick to one thing?

13.  Having to give up my comfy car because it’s an automatic and wife is now struggling with gears.

14.  Being on hand to provide a leverage system that allows the wife to alight the sofa/bed/chair with some element of dignity.

15. Walking at a snails pace where ever we go (because of the pregnant wife).  I just wanted to nip to the shops for crying out loud, it’s taken nearly an hour!

16.  Not being able to sit on my favourite sofa because the wife needs to have a lie down.

17.  Not knowing what mood the wife is going to be in from one minute to the next.  Am I about to get my head bitten off because I stirred the tea the wrong way.

18.  Doing all the bending, lifting and carrying because the wife can’t do the bending, lifting and carrying.

19.  Sleeping with a wild beast as her (the wife’s) snoring has definitely got worse!

20.  Doing the nursery, basketball, school run etc. because the wife is too tired!

21. When your child marks you as his property using a complex pattern of snot and bananary slime so that other toddlers know to keep away from his property (you).

22. When your child brings you 124,000 “cups of tea” a day. These are so important that you must say “yum” or “ooh thank you” every. Single. Time. Or his tiny toddler heart will break.

23. When your child runs away from you in public places… because he trusts that you’ll always be right behind him… Or maybe because he loves playing hide and seek with you! (Either way, it’s definitely love and not naughtiness)

24. When your child sets his tiny toddler alarm clock to go off in the middle of the night so he can get an extra few seconds of cuddling you.

25. When your child moves things around the house to leave you little tokens of his affection…. Like fridge magnets in your shoes or Duplo bricks in the fridge. Every puzzle piece you find in your bed or Satsuma segment in your handbag is your toddlers way of saying “I love you Mum”!

26. Sometimes your child just loves you SOOO much that he has to lie on the floor in the supermarket, screaming and crying and throwing jars of pasta sauce on the floor because it’s too much to handle.

27. Giving my mummy the biggest, sloppiest wettest kisses I can, leaving baby goo all over her face

28. I give her a special smile that I only give to mummy, a smile so big and loving, my eyes twinkle, making mummy smile, even when she’s not feeling smiley

29. Love is melting my mummy’s heart, just by looking at her

30. Reaching for my mummy when I hurt myself, above anyone else, and burying my little head in her neck

31. Wiping my snotty nose on her new top

32. Peeing on mummy, and only mummy when she is changing my nappy

33. Going to bed with wet hair, and leaving the house the following day without so much as even looking at it, so that getting ready time doesn’t interfere with baby time (and seriously, if you saw the consequences of me leaving my hair to do it’s own thing you would know that it’s love!).

34. Going practically make-up free for 10 months so that no cosmetics touch baby’s face when she touches mine.

35. Only going out with friends once since Gwenn was born, so that she knows mama is always there for her.

36. Suffering the hell on earth that is soft play on a rainy Sunday despite being the most noise-sensitive human being EVER!

37. Love is random objects that bring strange joy to young children: The syringe you get in nurofen / calpol.

38. Love is random objects that bring strange joy to young children: Keys.

39. Love is random objects that bring strange joy to young children: Mobile Phone.

40. Love is random objects that bring strange joy to young children: Remote Control.

41. Love is random objects that bring strange joy to young children: Teaspoons.

42. Love is random objects that bring strange joy to young children: my Wallet.

43. Love is random objects that bring strange joy to young children: Bottle Lids.

44. Love is random objects that bring strange joy to young children: Teething gel tube.

45. Love is having to try really hard not to over share everything nappy/poo related with your family & friends.

46. Love is being splattered across the face with yogurt because your little one got the giggles or sneezed with a mouthful.

47. Love is a snotty, sticky, milky little hand being lovingly swiped across your face.

48. Love is being disproportionately ecstatic & proud the first time a wee is done in a potty.

49. Love is finding your little one’s game of them trying to put their dummy in your mouth genuinely hilarious.

50. Love is letting your little one bite your finger just to see if it does hurt… or is that just me being a weirdo?

51. Love is having the 64 Zoo Lane theme tune in your head for days and days and days and days! AHHH I HEAR IT IN MY SLEEP!

52. Love is weeing on the little stick, Making sure you’re eyes aren’t playing a trick.

53. Love is seeing you on the screen, my own little prince grown from a bean.

54. Love is enduring a labour so long, I never thought I could be that strong.

55. Love is meeting you when all was done, Feeling you in my arms, all ten pounds one.

56. Love is worth every sleepless night, my make up free face giving the neighbours a fright.

57. Love is first words, first steps and smiles, Being off work for a year, not having to sort my files.

58. Love is waking up two till three, would I change it? No not me.

59. Love is different every day, Learning how to parent in many a different way.

60. Love is splashing in the bath, Searching for an opportunity to photograph.

61. Love is mess, bogies & poo, Moments of rest are far between and few.

62. Love is playing all day with choo choos, And my obsession with buying you shoes.

63. Love is not hard, with you it comes easy, It’s sometimes cliché and often cheesy.

64. Love is precious, kind and true, Love is me, and love is you.

65. Love is sharing every bit of toast I ever make no matter how much she’s ate she can’t resist a bit of toast.

66. Love is listening to avici hey brother and Pharrell happy on repeat so that she can dance and clap her hands just as happily on the 5th/15th repeat as the first time.

67. Love is letting her brush my hair, even though I get whacked with the brush most of the time.

68. Love is having a bath toy bucket full of water thrown over me during bath time and smiling through it!

69. Love is having a tiny slither of the king-sized bed whilst the tiny person has the other 99%.

70. Love is sitting up all night in a vick vapour filled room helping her get through croup.

71. Love is the mornings first snuggly hug!

72. Love is never going anywhere in our house without my little mini shadow.

73. Love is being in awe at someone so little making such a huge impact on my life.

74. Love is just mini and me…my little best friend!

75. Cleaning up chunks.

76. Searching for a teeny, tiny Star Wars Lego mini-figure in a teeming, grimy ball pit – and finding it!

77. Wishing all day that they would all just go to sleep; then as soon as they are all asleep, wishing they were awake.

78. Blowing up a T-Rex the size of my 4-year old by mouth – and not minding when he turns straight back to the TV.

79. Constantly yearning to have a break from the domestic fold; then within 10 minutes of making my escape, crying into the steering wheel I miss them so.

 80. Always, always weeing last. We go into the baby change. I am desperate – desperate – for the loo. Child 1 somehow shoots onto the loo in the time it takes me to lock the door. I wipe him and set him a-handwashing and prepare my descent. Child 2 slithers underneath and takes the throne. I sort him out too and start undoing my jeans; but just then, I notice an aroma in the air. Child 3 suddenly has a red face and a nappy that can’t wait. I change him. It’s a beauty. Finally, I take my seat. The moment has almost – almost – passed. But I can’t risk being triple gazumped again. I relax and release. My iPhone falls down the loo. Like lightning I fish it out, but it’s screen of death already. I start to cry. My boys huddle round me on the loo. And that’s what Love Is…

Thanks to @homemumearthmum, @2boys1mum, @IcklePicklex, @bttyandthebmps, @Theswan_project,  @BloomingBoo, @awhole9months, @EllieBearBabi and @wrymummy for joining in with the “Love Is” tag.

As I said in my original post, you don’t have to be tagged in to join in. All you have to do is post your list on your blog, however long or short of what love is to you, tag a few other people in and blog/tweet it when you’re done. Lets spread the love!

photo credit: qthomasbower