Mark Warner Mum | My Petit Canard

I probably don’t have enough followers or traffic on Twitter, but as they say…you have to be in it to win it. So here is my entry to become a Mark Warner Mum, which coincidentally would be one of my absolute dream jobs (just saying!).

So why me, why should I get to be a Mark Warner Mum, what makes me good enough compared to all the other mummy and daddy bloggers out there, and why on earth do I want to get away from good old blighty?

Good questions. Well, let me start by saying that the last time I left this glorious country was 17 months ago. That both looks and sounds like a long time. Especially for someone who is used to having at least two holidays a year. So why the hiatus? Well, we decided to skip our annual jaunts when we found that I was expecting our darling daughter. We were tempted to take a baby-moon, but it never transpired, and so pretty much since the little lady arrived five months ago we’ve been talking and talking and talking some more about taking a family holiday. Some time soon. Very soon. We just don’t know exactly when or where. There are so many unknowns in this new world of holidays – should we go short or long-haul, what age should the little lady be before we take her on a plane, what kind of temperature will be ok for her. So many options, so many variables. The only thing we are sure of at this point is that we need to go somewhere that is family centric, family orientated and family catered for. A Mark Warner holiday would therefore a perfect and obvious choice.

I have always had such an affinity for travelling, and over the years my travels have evolved with me. From the family holidays on the continent when I was young, to girls holidays in Europe, far-flung couples holidays and exotic dream destinations with my husband. I have collected memories and taken many a photo to capture them – from the sand dunes of Dubai to the Great Wall of China, the natural beauty of Mauritius, Bali and the Seychelles to the twinkling, bright lights of Hong Kong. But however nostalgic these photos make us feel, it feels like they are missing a very important little person from them. I knew the time would come when I would have my own family, and have had many a day-dream about what that would be like. To paint the picture for you, it always featured us being somewhere warm, by a pool, with a little girl or boy splashing and giggling delightedly as my husband and I playfully encouraged and laughed with them. Family outings to crazy golf and delicious meals at local restaurants. As I have gotten older and become a more seasoned and admittedly spoilt traveller, that day-dream has evolved to one which also happens to be in a four or five star hotel with some of the lovely perks and touches of luxury that go with it. But despite this, it has always remained a simple, relaxed, perfect and unique family holiday reminiscent of my childhood holidays. I would love to be able to recreate the feelings that family holidays used to give me for my little lady. Which is exactly why I think I would make a good Mark Warner Mum. Because their philosophy and range of locations perfectly compliment what I want to achieve from holidays for my daughter.

As a new mummy blogger I want to capture all our exciting and new experiences and adventures, and with our first family holiday imminent I can’t think of a reason why it should not be with Mark Warner.