My Petit Canard | From the city to motherhood and hopefully back again

The strangest thing has happened. Whilst I have no desire to add to our little family any time soon, I miss being pregnant. I miss my bump. I know it probably sounds like im getting broody, but I promise you im not. I just miss the magic of it all. Each time I see another pregnant celebrity, or hear of a friend, colleague, or someone I know having a baby, I look back nostalgically on my pregnancy and I miss it fondly like it were a dear old friend. It’s so odd. Whilst I had a relatively easy pregnancy and actually enjoyed on the whole being pregnant, there were plenty of times, particularly towards the end that I was “done” with being pregnant. I got fed up of wearing the same dress or trousers three times a week. I got fed up of the night time peeing and the midnight snacks that my baby insisted on. I got fed up of not being able to sleep on my back, which was kind of funny considering I don’t even usually sleep on my back.  So at the time I would never had said that I “loved” being pregnant. But now that im not pregnant, I kind of miss it. I miss those beautiful baby hiccups that the little lady seemed to get ALL the time. I miss the secret nudges and kicks from within that only I would know about. I miss watching my body change and grow. I don’t think I have ever felt so womanly and alive. It’s probably no accident that feeling like this coincides with my return to work next week.  I do think part of it is the nostalgia of it all, but I do miss that feeling of contentment and happiness that comes from knowing that you are growing a tiny person inside of you. It is such a special time and I cant wait to experience it all over again. In the future. A long, long way in the future. But for now, the office and hopefully a career beckons..

photo credit: bies