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I was bathing the little lady this evening when I realised that the bath support I was using was one of the most useful things we have been given as new parents. Which got me to thinking, most of the things we have bought or been lucky enough to receive from friends and family have been used and have been useful, but there are definitely some things that have stood out as things that have made our lives that little bit easier as new parents. So I thought Id share what I consider my top six new parent must haves in no particular order:

1: Baby bath support. We have the Jahgoo Baby Bath Support from John Lewis, but anything of a similar design will infinitely make bath time a lot easier and a lot less scary, especially with a new baby. We used it from our first bath time when our little lady was only 2 weeks old and are still using it now 5 months on. They don’t cost very much, but are worth their weight in gold!

2: Moses basket. Now I never had any intentions of getting a Moses basket initially. It was only at the insistence of my husband, mother in law and a friend that I conceded, and boy am I glad I did. My original plans were to have the little lady sleeping in her cot in the nursery from day dot, but peer pressure, the health and safety guidelines and the delightful surprise gift of a Moses basket meant that she was bunking in with us, and up to a few days ago still was. Again, this is something that has made our lives that little bit easier. I didn’t realistically think through how wearing it would be to trek back and forwards to the nursery in the night, especially when breastfeeding, so I am eternally grateful that we have a Moses basket. I suppose the only caveat here is that not all babies like and take to sleeping in a Moses basket, but that’s not something you’ll know until you have one.

3. Baby monitor. This is something that we only really started to use in the last two or three months. For a while I was starting to think that we’d wasted a small fortune on our snazzy Angelcare video and sound monitor, but now that the little lady has started to sleep in her cot in the nursery it is paying dividends. I’ve felt relatively relaxed in transitioning her into her cot because I know that I can see her and hear her quite easily when im not in the same room as her. What is also great about our one in particular is that it also reads the room temperature which really puts me at ease.

4. Widgey nursing cushion. As a breastfeeding mummy I highly recommend the widgey nursing cushion for making things that little bit more comfortable and easier on your arms. Not only does this fabulous cushion help with breastfeeding, but it doubles up a support for baby and for helping guests, particularly little ones hold baby. This cushion has been used and abused in our house so much so that we’re on our second one!

5. Muslins. I never really knew what Id use these for before the little lady came along, but I knew that they were something that parents with babies seemed to have, so I bought and was gifted with lots of pretty colourful muslin’s in all shapes and sizes. Since the little lady arrived I’ve discovered that you pretty much use them for anything and everything. They are so versatile and that is what is so great about them. We have them lying pretty much all over the house – in the cot, in the lounge, in the change bag, the pushchair.. They are an essential new parent purchase. My little lady was born in the midst of the summer when we had that rare spell of 30 degree weather so she spent her first few weeks and months sleeping in her Moses basket with only a muslin. We’ve also used them for the obvious spit ups, as a bit of a cover when im breastfeeding, as a shade over the pushchair in the sun and in the rain and for about half a dozen other things I’ve already forgotten!

6. Car seat mobile. We started off in the beginning with one of those spiral travel toys that you wrap around the handle of the car seat. But after one or two journeys with it we realised that it just keep slipping and falling, and then were advised that they are not actually supposed to be used in the car – who would have thought it? Luckily for us, a friend gave us a musical mobile that you can attach to the car seat which I thought was quite novel, and I must say, I never thought Id love a musical mobile so much. Its taken us from a baby who hated being in a car seat and in the car, to one that is happy and easily soothed the instant she is put in there.

So there you have it, my top six new parent essentials. Do you have any new parent essentials that you would add to this list?

Disclaimer: this is not a paid or sponsored review of any of the products mentioned. All views are my own.