Parenting, the good, the bad and the ugly | My Petit Canard

Being a parent is amazing for many reasons. Apart from the obvious fact that you have created a completely unique human being, a little bit of you and a little bit of someone else, there are certain things that make this amazing job even more fun, and other things that make it just that little bit harder sometimes. Here are my top ten love/hates about parenting so far:

1. We now get to park in those gloriously wide parent parking bays almost everywhere we go. Its like having valet parking but cheaper. Fabulous.

2. Making new friends is a wonderful by product of having children. Most of my friends have stayed the same over the years, either friends from college, university or work. Having a child has given me an opportunity to create a new social circle of friends that I probably would never have met otherwise.

3. Time off. Lots and lots of it. Never before, and never again will I have so much time off. Ok, so its not a holiday, and its not exactly free time, but it sure beats the 7am commute.

4. Taking lifts everywhere, which wouldn’t be so bad if they weren’t, a: hidden away in the deepest, darkest and most obscure places, b: ultra slow and c: stopped at every floor.

5. Not being able to dash out quickly anymore. Need to pop to the supermarket quickly – don’t forget to grab the changing bag, a blanket, the rain cover in case it rains, get baby in the pushchair, grab your keys and your phone… whats that noise, nappy change it sounds like. Unstrap baby, change baby, go through the whole process of getting baby in the pushchair and out the door again.  By now its been at least been 15 minutes since you decided you needed to “pop” out to the shops *sigh*.

6. No sleep, lack of sleep and not enough sleep. We seem to go through phases when it comes to sleep. Just when I seem to be getting just enough sleep to function reasonably well, a spanner is thrown in the works and suddenly we’re up three or four times a night and it feels like I have a newborn all over again. Seriously annoying.

7. Getting either wet or seriously cold whilst getting baby in and out of the car and into pushchair. In the early days I tried rather optimistically, and foolishly to balance an umbrella at the same time as trying to get baby in and out of the car, but that only slowed me down and made me more wet, or cold as well as look a bit silly in the process. So now I just try to get us in and out as quickly as possible and embrace the wet and the cold and the bad hair days that are now a part of my life *sob*

8. The mummy uniform. Now, I like my dresses and skirts and usually wearing my hair down, but none of these things are really very practical anymore. Hair tied up, jeans, and flats are pretty much the day to day staple when you become a mummy. Embrace it, or enjoy dribble soaked Uggs and nappy filled Mulberry bags.

9. Reconnecting with yourself on a completely new level. Having a child really makes you think about things from a whole new perspective. For the first time in a long time I have had the luxury of sitting back (figuratively speaking of course) and really thinking things through. For once im not going at everything a million miles an hour and can make better, more thoughtful decisions and choices.

10. Getting to try new things and realise personal projects like this blog. Ive wanted to blog for a long time, but I never quite found the time to get round to it. I probably have less time now than I did before I had a child. But having a child has given me a new quiet determination to fulfill personal projects that have been pipe dreams for years.

So those are my top ten after four hard, tiring but glorious months of being a mummy. What are yours, Id love to hear!