Potato Dauphinoise | My Petit Canard

When Morrisons and Brit Mums selected me to be a Morrisons Mum over the May bank holiday weekend I was pretty ecstatic. I never seem to be one of the people who gets picked to do things like this, I’m usually one of the people observing others on the sidelines with a slight tinge of envy. So no sooner had the working week come to a close on Friday, had I raced down to Morrisons on Saturday morning. I was there for about an hour, with the little lady patiently sitting in the shopping trolley probably wondering why mummy had a slightly crazed, excited look at her face whilst we zig, zagged up and down the isles.We had been once before but had to cut our trip short and never made it past the first few isles. Since I had the luxury of time this time round, and no husband to make sure we went round in a logical (and probably sensible) way, I found myself doing a few circuits of the store. I particularly loved the presentation of the fruit, vegetables and herbs at Morrisons and found myself returning to it quite a few times during the shop!

When I finally conceded that we should leave, it was the little lady’s lunch time after all, we (ok, I) had managed to spend £102 (£22 over the £80 vouchers from Morrisons, whoops!). In all fairness though, it was all very, very good value because of Morrisons new lower everyday prices. I picked up some pretty amazing bargains which I like to call “mum’s star buys”, including an eight pack of coke for £2.64, a four pack of Plenty fat rolls at £2.93 and a bumper box of Twinings Everyday Teabags at £2.00 (an essential purchase, ahem) so I think its fair to say that the slight overspend was completely justified.

All in all, I managed to do a weeks worth of shopping with all the things we would usually buy, but for a fraction less than what we would usually spend which I was pretty happy with. I decided before we went into the store, that I wanted to make a bit of an event out of the bank holiday and invited some family round for Sunday dinner, and a dish that I hadn’t attempted to make in six years – beef bourguignon and potato dauphinoise. One of the best dishes I have ever made, and was too scared to attempt again after its critical acclaim many, many moons ago. The timing was right so I went for it. I got three of Morrisons best cuts of braising steak fresh from the Butchers counter for a very reasonable £6.64, a lovely bottle of red wine which was a bargain at £5.99 and a slab of Morrisons Emmental at £2.05 amongst other ingredients. To go with it I decided to make a fresh fruit salad and picked up some pineapple £0.69, strawberries £1.69, blueberries £2.00, raspberries £0.99 and mango £0.69 to go with the kiwi I already had at home. I was going to attempt to make some chocolate fondant, but my track record with them is a bit hit and miss so I decided to pick up a few at Morrisons instead for £2.50, along with a couple of Creme Brulees £2.00 and a tub of Kelly’s (straight to your thighs) Cornish clotted cream ice cream on offer at a bargain £1.99. There were six of us at dinner which meant it worked out at an unbelievable £3.24 per serving for dinner and £1.92 per serving for dessert. That’s just over £5 a meal per person!

After pretty much half the day in the kitchen, a lot of it trying to make head or tails out of my vague six year old recipes, I finally had a meal that lived up to its reputation. The beef was thick, tender and “melted in your mouth” as my husband put it, the dauphinoise the perfect accompaniment. Dessert went down a treat. The fruit was ripe and fresh and “how a fruit salad should be” according to my sister-in-law and the puddings just the right touch of sweetness after the richness of the bourguignon. The pictures I took don’t really do the meal justice (I can’t say im known for my blog photography!), but lets just say that I didn’t have any regrets about reviving one of my favourite dishes for the bank holiday weekend. Thank you Morrisons and Brit Mums for making me a #MorrisonsMum!


DISCLAIMER: we were given £80 in Morrisons vouchers to spend in store on a bank holiday shop as a Morrisons Mum.