Sleep | My Petit Canard

I’m not sure how it happened. One minute we had a baby that would happily sleep in her cot. One that would self settle. One that had finally started to sleep through the night. Somehow, over the Christmas holidays we have ended up with a lodger in our bed. A grumpy, touchy one at that. One that doesn’t appear to be making plans to leave any time soon. We never saw it coming. We were blindsided. What we thought would be a harmless night or two of bunking in with us after teething appeared to have turned our little lady into a grizzly, clingy baby seems to have turned into a full blown co-sleeping affair. One that I am neither impressed by or very happy about. I feel like I’ve just had the carpet pulled out from under my feet. No sooner had my body started to get used to getting a decent nights sleep has it had to start getting up at all times of the night again. Its feels like jet lag, but without the knowledge that eventually you will get to sleep.

I don’t know how co-sleeping parents do it. I can’t sleep. Not properly anyway. I’m worried that I might squash her, or that she might put her face in a pillow or that she might overheat. Obviously we’re taking precautions to avoid any of these things happening, but I still worry. I thought my sleep was disrupted before when I was getting up once in the night, but this is so much worse. Its worse because we don’t know what is causing the disruption and therefore when it will end. There are so many possibilities, so many variables. Naturally we started out blaming the teething. After three days our thinking progressed to blaming her disrupted routine, and now, one week on we’re starting to wonder (and hope) that it might have something to do with her healthily growing appetite, because we can’t quite face the very real possibility that she might have developed some pretty bad new sleep habits.

You know the situation is dire when your husband is on Google looking for advice and stepping in with new sleep tactics to try. It worked, for about all of 30 minutes. 30 minutes appreciated by me at least. We’ve tried many different tactics to try to get the little lady back into her cot over the last few days, but nothing is sticking. No one method seems to work more than once. It seems that the little madame has developed a definite liking for our bed, which is nowhere as nice as her cot as I’ve tried telling her. I mean, I would sleep in there myself if I could. But it seems she’s made up her mind, she’d much rather bunk in with us than sleep on her own. So until we figure this thing out, it looks like its three in a bed. Lets just hope no one rolls over..

photo credit: Christopher_Hawkins