Treasure box | My Petit Canard

I’ve been holding onto an empty JoJo Maman Bebe box that one of the little lady’s gifts came in quite a few months ago. I don’t particularly know why I’ve been holding onto it other than I though it was quite nice. Today when I read New Young Mum’s blog I finally knew what I had been saving the box for – a treasure box of course! What is a treasury box I hear you ask. Well, it’s essentially a sensory box of everyday household objects that baby can explore and play with. The concept, based on the Montessori approach is to encourage learning through play.

Feeling instantly inspired, I ran around the house from room to room pulling open cupboards and drawers to find safe, yet interesting looking and feeling items for the little lady to get her hands on. Five minutes later, I had a treasure box our baby sensory teacher would have been proud of. The little lady definitely seemed to approve too. She absolutely loved taking each item out of the box over and over again, paying attention to a few of the items that piqued her interest. It managed to hold her interest for 10 – 15 minutes, which for a nine month old I think would be about right. I will definitely be trying out some of the other Treasure Box ideas that New Young Mum mentions in her blog. What a perfect Easter weekend activity!

Heres a sneak peak into our Treasure Box: